Monday, February 14, 2011

we shall not be moved

There is going to be a home football game on October 22 in Clemson.

Are we rescheduling?

No way!  
Would these kids reschedule?!  BAH!

This is actually going to be loads of fun.  It will most likely be a noon or 3:30 game, so as you begin to make your wedding plans, consider tailgating with friends before the wedding. Let's start the party early!  If the game is at 12, you may also want to consider buying tickets -- just make sure you wash off all the facepaint before the ceremony.   ;)

Additionally, we have a handful of rooms available at the Clemson Marriott for a "non-football-Saturday" rate on Friday, Oct. 21 and Saturday, Oct. 22.  Please email Adrienne at if you are interested in booking one or both nights.

If you live within easy driving distance, we request that you ever-so-sweetly wait to book a hotel until out-of-state guests have a chance to reserve their rooms. We will add additional rooms in a nearby city at a later date, if necessary.

Go Tigers!

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